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We stand for our 

There’s nothing more exciting than finding a certain talents to serve best to our farmers who are contributing to grow agricultural industry.

Go far with Recruitment to bring agriculture business to next level

Through the years, we have built up a substantial network of individuals from all over the world, giving us the ability to reach out to, discover, and choose the perfect candidates for our clients

Not only do we want applicants with the proper talents, but we also want people who are ambitious, want to apply their skill and want to help you expand your farm and agricultural industry

Types of Placements

1) Seasonal

This is the perfect match if your need for human resources is for a shorter-term placement, especially for grain farms given the nature of the work, or for recruiting inexperienced farm labor.

Farmer Graphic

3) Temporary

As part of this placement, the applicant will be employed full-time on the farm for a maximum of two years under the federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFW), with the option of extension.

Farmer Graphic

2) Permanent

This choice is favored when the company has decided they wish to maintain the employee on a long-term basis or as a means of moving from a temporary to a permanent post.

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